Hi, my name is Vadim Kiryukhin.

I'm a software engineer,
work as a web application developer for Conversant Inc,
live in in San Francisco, CA.
( No, I'm not an esl instructor: simply developed educational software
long time ago and have kept this domain name since then :)

Here is a list of my most popular open source projects:

  • vkthread
    javascript plugin allows to execute any
    function of javascript code in a thread
  • ng-vkthread
    Angular version of the vkThread plugin.
  • vkBeautify
    small, simple and powerfull javascript plugin
    to beautify XML, JSON, CSS and SQL text.
  • pretty-data
    nodeJS version of the vkBeautify plugin
  • jsonfn
    javascript plugin to convert object with function
    to a string and vise versa.