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     A Message for Students

San Jose Writes targets the needs of English language learners whose problems with English rhetoric, syntax, sentence structure, grammar, and language use are different in nature and quantity from those of native speakers. Therefore, students and teachers together must strive to identify and use strategies that make it possible for learners of English to find, correct, and avoid errors in writing through the many stages of English Language acquisition.

To those of you who are English language learners, you should never despair over making mistakes. It is only natural and even expected that you will make errors because of the following facts:

    English language learners incorrectly transfer patterns from their own language
        into English.
      They have limited knowledge of how English works.

What can you do to become a more fluent and accurate writer?

      Set aside time for frequent practice sessions.
      Monitor your writing for your most common patterns of error.
      Keep a journal or log of your errors and your corrections.
      Learn to use strategies that help you identify, correct, and avoid mistakes.
      Relate instruction and feedback to your own linguistic knowledge and experience.
      Develop a habit of editing and revising.
      Write frequently on topics of interest.

San Jose Writes offers you the knowledge and strategies you need to write effectively.

San Jose Writes

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