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  Sentences hold your thoughts. Craft them with care.

Sentence structure errors include incorrect sentence order, problems with joining clauses, misplaced phrasal or clausal modifiers, omission of essential sentence elements, and use of unnecessary or confusing words and foreign-sounding syntax.

To learn more about sentence structure errors, work you way through this section page by page or select topics from the table below.

Elements of simple sentences and terms you need to know
Coordination: joining independent clauses of equal importance
Subordination: joining clauses of unequal importance: types of adverb clauses
Adjective clauses: restrictive and nonrestrictive
Phrasal Modifiers: misplaced and dangling modifiers
Noun clauses: embedding statements, yes/no questions, and information questions
Review of sentence types: simple, compound, complex
Error analysis: five types of sentence structure errors in student writing samples