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  Parts of Speech: Using Word Forms Correctly
             Parts of speech are the building blocks of sentences; form follows function.

Word form errors occur when writers fail to understand the functions of the parts of speech. The incorrect choice of a part of speech (lexical category) for a particular sentence element results in a word form error, which affects sentence grammar. This includes verbals (infinitives, participles, gerunds) when they are formed correctly but selected incorrectly.

This segment on word forms covers the following topics. Work your way through the explanations and exercises page by page or select a topic to review in the table below.

Parts of Speech and their Sentence Functions
Gerunds and their Sentence Functions
Gerunds and Participles: Similar yet Different
Using the Three Verbals: Participles,Gerunds, and Infinitives
Selecting the Correct Word Form in Sentences
Balancing Ideas with Parallel Parts
Recognizing and Analyzing Word Form Errors in Student Writing Samples


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