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Run-on sentences occur when students are focused on getting many ideas down on paper and forget to signal the end of a complete thought with a period. Every sentence should be proofread for end-of-sentence punctuation. A good strategy is to read aloud. Do you notice your voice dropping naturally at the end of a complete thought? Where the thought ends, place a period to signal the end of a complete sentence.

Read the sentences below out loud. Click where the first thought ends to see the correct punctuation. A couple of sentences have more than one run-on error.

1. I enjoyed my trip wetrip. We hope to return soon itsoon. It was a very exciting trip.
2.We didn't have the right to say whatever we wanted forwanted. For example, we couldn't joke about the government.
3. Zambia had recently gained independence from Britain thereBritain. There was a lot of resentment against Indian and English-speaking people.
4. The Khmer movement was one of the most violent revolutions of the 20th century itcentury. It resulted in the deaths of nearly 2 million Cambodians.
5. My friend Maria is living with her boyfriend mostboyfriend. Most of the town people do not want their children to talk to her, and the men give her no respect at all.
6. Avoid accidents and save your life sometimeslife! Sometimes we don't listen to advice and believe we can do anything, and the worst part is we do not show any respect for traffic rules.
7. They didn't have medical insurance, and my father needed special care because he was an aged and diabetic person Iperson. I insured them through my work, and I became the one who was responsible for the household.
8. Family values start at an early age toage. To build better citizens, children need a stable family structure to feel secure.
9. I walked in thein. The owner was there hethere. He started talking to me and it turned out he is from the same country as I am.
10. When I was little, my brothers and sisters were of different generations, so the oldest took care of the youngest meanwhileyoungest. Meanwhile my mother was busy with the last one.

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