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  Word Order of Adverbs, Adjectives, and Standard Phrases

Minor sentence structure errors are more easily dealt with as Word order (WO) errors when the problems involve the following:
     Position of adverbs of frequency
     Position of adverbial expressions of time, place, manner, degree
     Movable adverbs and transitional phrases

     Position of adjectives AND series of adjectives
     Position of object pronoun with separable phrasal verbs
     Word order in common phrases

This category does not include full sentence order or misplaced and dangling modifiers, which are coded as a sentence structure errors.

Select a topic from the table below or work your way through this topic page by page.

Word Order of Adverbs of Frequency
Adverbs of Time, Place, Manner, Degree and Movable adverbs and Transitions
Error Analysis of Student Writing: Position of Adverbs in Sentences
Adjective Order and Serial Adjectives
Separable Phrasal Verbs with Pronoun Objects
Error Analysis of Student Writing: Nonidiomatic Word order in common phrases


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