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      Unit 10, A Musical World

1. The word genre means type or kind of something. Click the words below that are genres of music.

    rock and roll     rhythm     folk     opera      lyrics     country     salsa

Select the answer and then click outside the box. Green means correct.

2. Bhangra is a genre of music that has its roots in

3. Music changes because musicians traditional styles to make them more appealing to

4. Around the world, music is played during special . For example, in Indian , traditional Bhangra music is played to celebrate harvests and weddings.

5. Bhangra has a lively, drum-based beat. It was brought to the U.K. by Indian who mixed it with other musical such as jazz, house, and rock.

6. Rock and roll is in the United States. It is in African-American cultural and musical styles like rhythm and blues.

7. Elvis Presley was one of the first white to play music that was previously performed only by black .

At first, rock and roll was only in small nightclubs and on a few radio stations. , it was throughout the world.

8. Language has music from one country to another. For example, Hikaru Utada, a Japanese pop star, Japanese pop styles with English lyrics. The well-known Spaniard Enrique Iglesias mixes English with his own native language. These combined styles have had a huge on the world pop scene.

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