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    A Bumpy Ride ~ More Difficult Days

For this chapter, write your own questions. They must be information questions, starting with who, why, where, how, or what, or statements beginning with words like explain, describe, list, or tell what, why, how, etc.

Focus your questions on situations or events that advance the story line (plot) or reveal character strengths or weaknesses, cultural information, struggles of daily life, and the changing reality of Salvador and Lupita's relationship. Write your questions on separate paper.

Write three significant quotations from the chapter. Identify the speaker and explain the significance of the line and why it moved you or how it made you feel.

Quotation Speaker Interpretation/Reaction




Focus on Vocabulary:
List five sentences or phrases from the chapter that contain vivid examples of metaphors, images, or expressions that help the reader "see" or "feel" a certain emotion, attitude, or event. Give the page number. Be able to explain the words you select.

    "Perspiration poured off her body..." (145) [She was extremely hot and sweaty.]
   "A fire of humiliation spread over Lupita's face,..." (151) [She was embarrassed because the store clerk wouldn't let her try on the dress as she was too dirty.]






Oral Summary:
Prepare a two-minute oral summary of the chapter. Focus on the significant events that advance the story line.


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