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    Lupita Manana - Chapter 6

Please prepare these questions for class discussion.

1. What does Lupita decide she has to do for money? Describe Salvador's reaction to her decision. What does his reaction suggest about his character?

2. Focus on verbs: Click on the [ ... ]hidden text after the sentences to get the verb you need for each empty box. Write the correct form of the verb to complete the verb phrases in the same order in which they occur..

    Lupita thought Aunt Consuelo would be about them and would be what had to them and why they had been .   [ ... ] worry   [ ... ] wonder   [ ... ] happen   [ ... ] delay

    She thought Mamá would be that she hadn't any money and would be where they were, how they were , and what kind of work they had . [ ... ]surprise    [ ... ] receive   [ ... ]wonder    [ ... ] fare     [ ... ] find

3. Find evidence  supporting details   in the text that supports these two statements.

    Lupita was afraid they would starve go hungry .

    The difficult life in Tijuana was changing Salvador's appearance.

4. Why did Salvador and Lupita go to a market? What did they get there?

5. Who does Salvador meet in the market and how does he know this person? How does he introduce Lupita?

6. When Salvador sends Lupita back to the park, what does she hope Bartolo will do for Salvador?

7. Describe the scene at the market when they go back that night. Explain how Bartolo is similar to a coyote. [Hint: How did Salvador respond to Lupita's earlier question about Bartolo?]

8. Describe how Bartolo helps them.

9. Put these events in chronological order order of occurrence in real time , using the numbers 1 through 7. Do not put a period after the number. Hit the Enter key. Green signifies a correct answer.

    Salvador and Bartolo lift Lupita into a crate of brussels sprouts.

    Salvador gives Bartolo Dorotea's knife.

    The truck leaves the market and stops after a short while.

    At nightfall, Salvador and Lupita go back to the vegetable market where workers were loading trucks with crates of vegetables.

    Salvador tells Lupita she has to give up papá's cross also.

    Bartolo secures Salvador in a crate of onions.

    Salvador and Lupita find Bartolo at the rear of a large green truck.

10. Next, put these events in chronological order. Use the numbers 1 through 7.

    The truck travels at high speed and finally stops at a service station.

    They run across a busy road, dodging To dodge a car is to get out of the way an oncoming car. They hear men's shouts behind them but no sounds of pursuitNo one was chasing them. .

    They cross a soggy wet and muddy  ditch and run toward a line of low, dark buildings on the side of the highway.

    Lupita and Salvador crawl out of their crates, peer out of the canvas curtain and vault  jump over the tailgate.

    They hear people whispering in Spanish and meet Señor Rosario and his family.They all wait in the shadows by the railroad tracks.

    Workers with flashlights uncouple  unfasten some freight cars train cars that carry cargo or goods and attach others to the train.

    They run toward a building with a projecting loading platform and crawl under the platform to hide and listen for trains near the warehouses.

11. What is a hopper car? Why couldn't Rosario hide in the hopper car?

12. Describe the events that occur at the end of the chapter involving Senor Rosario and his family and the suspense for Salvador and Lupita.

13. Click the word suspense and write down the two definitions that fit Salvador's and Lupita's emotional state at the end of the chapter. Which of the two definitions you chose is more accurate?

Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph that expresses your feelings and thoughts about the events at the end of this chapter. What are your concerns for Señor Rosario and his family and for Lupita and Salvador?


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