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     Lupita Mañana - Chapter 7
la migra

1. Salvador "laughed triumphantly." Explain why. (P. 85)

2. After the hopper car is uncoupled a second time, what does Salvador decide they should do? Why was this a good decision?

3. Who is the man in the railroad yard? Why did Lupita call him a pocho?

4. List all of the information Salvador and Lupita learn from him about their present location, their distance from Indio, and about la migra. Does this man seem kind or unkind? Explain why.

5. Where does Señor Hector Esposito take Salvador and Lupita? Why? What does he want for taking them there?

6. Who is Rodrigo Esposito? What arrangements for food and shelter does he make for Salvador and Lupita? What does he want from them in return? Do you think he is treating them fairly or is he exploiting using them  them? Explain your answer.

7. Who is Señor Elfren Esposito? Describe the work and the hours Lupita will have.

8. Who is Concha? What warning does she give Lupita? Why? (p. 95)

9. Who is Valentin? What does Salvador learn from him?

10. What two things are Salvador and Lupita finally able to do?

11. Explain Lupita's thoughts about gringos: "Sí, Concha was correct in saying that gringos were very strange indeed!" What things had she observed about them that were different from what she was used to?

12. Explain why Concha advised Lupita, "Take care not to anger Señor Elfren and Señor Rodrigo. Do not make them displeased."

13. Who is Linda? Why did Lupita admire her and think she was lucky? At the end of the chapter, how did Linda prove she was a true friend?

14. Based on all that you've read in this chapter, how are Lupita and Salvador better off than they were in Tijuana? How is their situation the same?

Oral Summary:
Prepare a two-minute oral summary of the most important events of this chapter.

Writing Assignment:
Express your opinion:
Do you think the Esposito brothers and cousin are interested in helping undocumented immigrants or in exploiting them? Explain your answer with details from the chapter.

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