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   Lupita Mañana ~ Chapter 9: Mutual Shock and Consternation

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1. As you read, jot down details that describe the setting:

    The town of Indio:

    Aunt Consuelo's neighborhood:

    Aunt Consuelo's house:

2. List some things that really surprised Salvador and Lupita when they first arrived.

3. Focus on verbs in these questions:
    How had Aunt Consuelo learned that her sister was planning to send her children?

    Why, then, was she so shocked to see them? (Use past perfect tense in your answer.)

4. List two adjectives on page 119 that describe Lupita's discomfort.

5. How does Uncle Hermilio spend his time?
    What kind of work did he use to do? How do you know?

6. How does the family survive financially?

7. "Hermilio's ugly response stung her." What had been his response to their coming? Explain how Salvador and Lupita responded differently and "in character."

8. What does Aunt Consuelo want from them?

9. Where will Lupita and Salvador begin working? Why does Hermilio want them to work there?

Oral Summary:
Prepare a two-minute oral summary. Include only the most significant information about Consuelo's family and how they react to the arrival of Salvador and Lupita.

Write for 15 to 30 minutes on this topic: Before people come to the United States, they have certain perceptions and expectations about what life will be like here. Before you came, what were your perceptions of life in The United States and your expectations for living here? Once you arrived and had lived here a short while, did your first impressions and experiences meet your previous expectations or were these experiences completely different from what you had expected? Explain your answer.


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