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    Spelling Patterns for the Vowel /eI/

The vowel /eI/ can be spelled the following ways:

-ay as in day -ai- as in rain a_e as in ale
-ea- as in break -ey as in Hey!  -eig as in reign or eigh as in eight

This vowel sound also appears as the letter A before a consonant in many stressed syllables as in stable, nature, enable, stranger.

Listen to the phrases and spell the word you hear. If you can't spell the word, type a question mark in the frame and hit enter.

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train planeinsane pane complain weigh neighbor
fatefreight feignchange neighborhoodsfade reign
nature waste arrange claimfametakebreak
staylate steakshame brakescontainer range
strangers failure snail's pacemaintainstagegreyhound
prey stained plain complaintrestraintrefrainflames
named James waist haildangeroushurricanedaily
wait space frame mistakeadjacentcomplacent 
available tablespoonmaple assailant    

take the fly a He's .
a window Don't . How much do you ?
a new Don't tempt . a train.
to an illness The color will .
the queen's the laws of Don't time.
a marriage his to a
up grill a without
slam on the a big home on the
Don't talk to . to be a at a
a car a of life dogs
birds of teeth and simple
a ridiculous exercise from fighting
to burst into a boy a tiny
to a taxi a a routine
to and see outer to a picture
to make a the building a person
to be a of syrup killed by an unknown

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