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    Spelling patterns for the vowel /i/ as in EAT

The long vowel /i/ has several different spelling patterns:

ee as in feed ete as in complete
ie as in grieve ei as in receipt
-ine as in routine  

The spelling rule for ie and ei is --
i before e
except after c
and in words that sound
like neighbor and weigh.

Other words that do not follow this rule are leisure, weird, seize (but siege), and seizure. One other irregular spelling is the word police.

Listen for the missing words in the following sentences and spell them. If you need help after two attempts, type a question mark in the frame and hit enter. Correct answers will be green.
1. We saw the in the zoo.
2. Everyone wants to .
3. a package yesterday.
4. I I ghosts in my .
5. Eugene drives a old army .
6. My just turned .
7. The FBI fifty pounds of cocaine in basement and arrested her.
8. The city was under with heavy bombing all night long.
9. has epilepsy and suffers from .  
10. The stormed the building with guns.
11. has very little time to with friends.  
12. On many kids to have the costume.
13. FBI agents are investigating the crime .
14. The San Francisco Bay area has beautiful .
15. The San Jose Sharks play in the downtown  
16. Cars are made of . cars.
17. is a color. It's .  
18. your , .
19. drinks with and lemon when she has a cold and a .  
20. is about to off on the golf course.
21. Do you take in your ?
22. She started to with anger.  
23. Be sure to .
24. That dog has .
25. Have you the planet ?

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