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    Spelling Patterns for the vowel oƱ

The vowel oƱ can be spelled with _oa_ as in loan; the letter o between consonants as in post; or _o_e as in pole; _ow_ as in bowl and the irregular spelling _ew as in sew.

Sometimes it can be confusing. Click all of the words in the following sets that can have the oƱ sound.

toe        two        tow
no          know       now
sow        so           sew

Listen to the short phrases or sentences and spell the words with the vowel oƱ.

You reap what you a town the U.S. service
a of fresh fruit You're to study. a famous
a lump of Let's have French . to remove a facial
I like . It in Maine. Rivers into the .
Don't and . The birds have south. Please your voice.
a of success The sun brightly. He through the .
to a sheep a to talk the
a to China to have good muscle a big
to have sickness The earth . a promise
You'd better wear sun . The rabid dog at the mouth. to the earth
He's healthy and an industrial He his .
Let's watch the opera. a pound of beef the month of
to new an child the judges' black
to take call to play a to make a
to see a to trap a a real-estate
a movie to have a about something to be in hard times
to be watched to pray the a shot
He's equipment a event
the museum's a car to score a
to take a the system The agent has the house.

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