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      Spelling Patterns for the long vowel /u/ as in FOOD

The vowel /u/ can be spelled -oo as in too;   u_e as in use;   _ue as in true;   ui as in suit;  _ou_ as in route; _ew as in few;  _eu as in feud;  and the letter u between consonants as in truth.

Listen to these common phrases, type in the missing word and hit enter. A correct spelling will appear as green. If you can't spell the word correctly after three attempts, type a question mark in the frame.

a full to gum of blood
beef a of pairs of
a Monday He his nose. a day in
to a fly Don't be . to put down
a toll the to Canada up on the
to friends wisely. the latest He the answer.
to over a loss to be stubborn as a Don't be a .
the of the trade Please over. a appointment
a procession He's a . the system
a laundry to send into battle to from a plane
a of thread to sit on a a mistake
to a piano a new brand of army
a family to cut out to wear
the in church to cause dark clouds
to to something It's only an . Her stomach .
to arrest the to be in a bad to be a
to play the The birds south. improper and behavior
a beach to someone The flight has boarded.
in of flowers a of fish an person
and seniors to and punishment
a society and vegetables proper
the of happiness to be a nature
to file a to your dreams to someone
to be & save money to have a sense of to come to

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