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      Spelling Patterns for / aI/ as in Hi!

The long vowel /aI/ can have the following spelling patterns: _i_e as in kite;  _ie as in pie;  _igh as in high; _uy as in buy;  _ei_ as in height;  and _y_ as in type.

Listen to the phrases and spell the words with this vowel sound. (After three tries, type a question mark in the frame and hit enter.)

  to of   to a
  to   to a fall
  from a great   stars
  in the   a
  a statue   a long
  a old man   Two cars .
  has .   Please the old .
  the   a
  a   for
  to be on a   to establish a
  a   you later
  to an offer   to be to drugs
  to your hair   Mike is not a great .
  He's a .   not .
  to medicine  a school
  a building for a   a of bread
  to have poor   to your
  to on a ladder   to the barbed
 to about a   The most of people are and .

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