San Jose City College
   Spelling Practice for Words with the Short Vowel / æ/ as in Cat

Listen to common phrases and spell words that begin with the vowel sound /æ/.

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accent agileathlete animal analyze advertise actual
altitudeaxle anglesaxis ammunitionascertain apple
ancestor aspirin anchor attitudeapparatusampleanticipate
anxiousadvocate antiquityadversary anthropologyabsolute antifreeze
anteroom Anthem adjective anthologyashesanswerafternoon

to have a good an an park
to a problem to in the newspaper the of the plane
the wheel's the of a triangle the of the earth
to load to the truth a juicy red
an tablet to take an to a ship
to have a bad a medical to have supplies
to bad weather to be to for health reform
to study to be a fierce to major in
to be an failure a tragic to wait in the
Please rise for the national . an clause a literary
His were scattered. to for an in the