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   ESL Lab Software Guide to Editing Chart Topics

The ESL Lab at San Jose City College is located in L-120. The following interactive software programs assist students with with the following topics.
Word Forms: Verbs
    Longman English Interative 1 [B.3]: Active verbs and direct objects
    Longman English Interative 2 [B.1]: Stative Verbs
    Longman English Interative 3 [B.1]: Non-action Verbs
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 22: Phrasal Verbs
    English Interactive 3: [C.4]: Separable Phrasal Verbs
    English Interactive 3: [C.2]: Inseparable Phrasal Verbs
    English Interactive 4: [C.4]: Review of Phrasal Verbs
Word Forms: Nouns
    Longman English Interative 2 [A.3]: Count and Non-Count nouns with how much and how many; Count and Non-Count nouns with some and any
    Understanding and Using English Grammar: Unit 7: Nouns: Plurals, Possessives, Nouns as modifiers, Count and noncount, Expressions of Quantity
    Focus on Grammar Advanced: Part 2: Unit 4: Non-Count Nouns: Count and Non-Count Use        
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 14: Nouns and Quantity Expressions
    English Interactive 1, [A.2]: Adjectives and describing people with be vs. have
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 16: Adjectives
    English Interactive 2, [C.1]:  Review Adjectives
    English Interactive 2, [C.2]:  Comparative Adjectives
    English Interactive 2, [C.3]:  Superlative Adjectives
    English Interactive 3, [C.4]:  Superlative Adjectives
    English Interactive 3, [C.1]:  Comparisons with as+adjective+as
    English Interactive 3, [C.3]: Participial Adjectives
    English Interactive 4, [A.3]: Participial Adjectives
    English Interactive 1: [B.4] Time Expressions with in, on, and it
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 17: Adverbs
    English Interactive 3, [A.4]: Adjectives and Adverbs
    English Interactive 1: [B.4] Adverbs of Frequency
    English Interactive 2: [A.5] Adverbs of Manner
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 20: Gerunds
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 21: Infinitives
    Understanding and Using English Grammar: Unit 14: Gerunds and Infinitives, Part 1
       Unit 15: Gerunds and Infinitives, Part 2
    English Interactive 2, [B.5]: Gerunds and Infinitives
    English Interactive 3, [B.2]: Gerunds as Subjects and Objects
    English Interactive 3, [C.3]: Infinitives of Purpose
    English Interactive 4, [A.2]: Verb + Gerund or Verb + Infinitive
    English Interactive 4, [B.3]: Infinitives after Adjectives and Nouns
    Focus on Grammar Intermediate: Part 6: Gerunds and Infinitives, Units 21 through 26
    Focus on Grammar High-Intermediate: Part 4: Gerunds and Infinitives, Units 8 and 9


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