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   ESL Lab Software Guide to Editing Chart Topics

The ESL Lab at San Jose City College is located in L-120. The following interactive software programs assist students with with the following topics.
    Writer's Resources: Writing Elements Lessons, 1. Word Choice
    Understanding and Using English Grammar: Unit 8: Personal and Reflexive Pronouns; Common Expressions with OTHER
    Longman English Interactive Level 3 [A.3]: Possessive pronouns mine, yours, his, hers, theirs
    Longman English Interactive Level 3 [B.2]: Reflexive pronouns myself, yourself, himself, herself, themselves
    Longman English Interactive Level 3 [B.4]: Indefinite pronouns someone, anyone, no one
    Longman English Interactive Level 4: [A.4]: Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns
    Focus on Grammar High Intermediate Part 10: Unit 26: Reflexive and Reciprocal
    Understanding and Using English Grammar: Unit 7: Basic Article Usage, Expressions of Quantity and ONE, EACH, EVERY
    Grammar Sense 1: Unit 14: Articles
    Grammar Sense 2: Unit 15: Indefinite and Definite Articles
    Grammar Sense 3: Unit 12: Indefinite and Definite Articles: Review of Nouns
    English Interactive 4, [A.2] Quantifiers
    North American Idioms
    Writer's Resources: Grammar|Punctuation|Mechanics Lessons: 2. Spelling

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