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   Would that be IE or EI

Follow the advice in this simple rhyme and you'll be correct in most instances:

I before E,
Except after C,
And in words that sound like
neighbor and weigh

Would it be -ie- or -ei-? You decide and keep two lists--one with -ie- words and the other with -ei- words. Highlight those those that are exceptions to the above rule.    [Open Dictionary][Close Dictionary]
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1. Parents suffer immeasureable over the loss of a child.
2. The paint on the is peeling. It needs to be painted.
3.The old man's protruded from his hands.
4.This year's crops did not produce a good .
5. We wear sunglasses to our eyes from the sun.
6. Kelly when she saw a shark swimming near the shore.
7.Bill can't even of leaving his wife.
8.The army a munitions supply depot.
9.The troops were under for 44 hours without a respite from heavy artillery fire.
10. A man was spying on the school girls in the public library.
11. Who was the little you were walking home with, Susan?
12. Paul was proud of his remarkable .
13. CEO stands for Operating Officer.
14.What do you enjoy doing during your time?
15. Jack only friendship. He was a real hypocrite.
16. The lab two new software programs today.
17. George ate three of pie.
18. Professional athletes earn so much money and get so much attention that many become very .
19. After her accident, Mandy was with nightmares.
20.Good is very important for restaurant workers.
21. There has been a interest in Barack Obama throughout the country.
22. Jeb's ugly bulldog is a little mutt.
23. The doctor has advised Gloria to lose .
24. Please be when giving your report.
25. Joe didn't complete his research project, and did his girlfriend.


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