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    Edit Student Writing Samples for Spelling Errors

The following sentences have spelling errors. Find the word that is misspelled, try to spell it correctly, and then click the word to see if you guessed correctly. Some sentences have more than one error. The activity continues on the next page.

1. I recommend mediation meditation to help reduce stress because it relaxes the mind and body.  Note The word mediation was spelled correctly but is clearly the wrong word in this context. The correct word is MEDITATION.
2. Every day we make decisions that effectaffect the people around us.   NoteEffect is either a noun or a verb that means to make something happen. The verb needed is affect, which is often confused with the noun.  
3. I was trinytrying to stop.
4. I reached my golesgoals.
5. I tried to adviceadvise him.   Note Another pair of words that are often confused are the verb advise and the noun advice. The writer needs the verb.
6. And otherAnother experience was living with my sister in a small room.
7. ThroughtThrough my experience, I learned how important it is to help other people.
8. Stress is so gubtesubtle.
9. I have different hobieshobbies that help me to cope with stress.
10. I recomandrecommend to everybody who wants to deal with stress to follow the same solutions that helped me to take care of my stress.
11. You need to chosechoose what is important to do first.
12. My mother was speciallyespecially important to me.  NoteEspecially is the adverb.
13. When I was 15 years old, I had a bad experience with drogsdrugs.
14. My Dad spent a lot of manymoney to fix his car.
15. All thoughAlthough telling a lie is a bad thing, sometimes it is necessary to make family members or friends fellfeel good.
16. SpysSpies or military men must tell lies to protect secritssecrets of their country.
17. My mother tried to be my friend, but I thought she was totoo old.
18. I felt emberrassembarrassed.
19. My family gave me inconditionalunconditional love.
20. Some husbands think they are more important than their partenterpartner.
21. A bad husband is a man who does not apricietsappreciate his wife for who she is.
22. Men sometimes hit their wifeswives.
23. He thinks that $600 is enoughtenough.
24. BesideBesides that, he should be understanding and help himself and others.
25. If he can't handelhandle the marriage, he can't be my husband.
26. In conclusion, those three qualitysqualities are bad for a marriage.
27. My husband wanted to start his own company in Silcon velloySilicon valley.


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